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Chair by Deborah Ehrlich

Constructed by a master craftsman as well as talented sculptor - and his all female team in RI - the simplicity and elegance of these chairs can only come to life with the very best of their talent. They use traditional joinery and thoughtful consideration to attain the precision that is necessary for a design to become as invisible as it is natural.

Wanting a feminine chair she could carry with minimal effort, these chairs are as delicate as they are phenomenally strong. Made from wood such as hickory heart, she had asked that they be made from a material that would have the relative strength as the crystal she uses for her glassware. The result is the beautiful combination of strength and beauty.

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  • Height: 31 in.
  • Width: 14 in.
  • Depth: 13.5 in.
  • Construction: Hand-Crafted Ash, Hand-Crafted Hickory
  • Creator: Deborah Ehrlich, USA
  • Year: 2010
  • Price: 1200


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