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Madame Chair by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel

Madame Chair by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel
Designed in 1951

Madame easy chair is part of the Icons collection by Sika Design. Nanna Ditzel designed this chair with an organic, soft and feminine design but always addressed a practical function with her design, often creating pieces she herself would use in her daily life.


Width: 85 cm (33.5 inches)
Height: 77 cm (30.3 inches)
Depth: 80 cm (31.5 inches)
Seat Height: 35 cm (13.7 inches)
Cushion sold separately

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  • Height: 30.3 in.
  • Width: 33.5 in.
  • Depth: 31.5 in.
  • Construction: Rattan
  • Creator: Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel
  • Year: 21st Century
  • Price: 1360


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